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A truly global metaverse that combines IT projects, NFT collections and games from the CosmoFund ecosystem.

  • Total stage supply: 10,000,000 CVR
  • Current price: 0.01 usdt
Stage: 1/10

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Project details


MetaCosmo is a metaverse that combines IT projects, NFT collections, virtual conferences, virtual dating and games.

The first game in the CosmoFund ecosystem will be «Cosmo World».

CosmoWorld is the first game in the ecosystem built on its own “Cosmo” blockchain, which will help reduce commissions for purchasing in-game items.

discover new worlds

- Combines RPG, PVP, as well as a component of the Arcade.

- You become a commander who took responsibility for creating the greatest space army, or a space trade corporation.

- Create your own space base and unite other players around you, creating space alliances

- Compete in PVP to dominate the CosmoWorld

find rare resourses

- NFTs from the CosmoFund collections will give participants certain advantages in the game - unique avatars, abilities, etc., which will uniquely highlight your personality (for example, CosmoBugs, due to their charisma, will provide you with discounts when trading with alien races, and CosmoArts will give rare abilities.

CosmoDoodle will teach you the language of alien races and will make it possible to buy rare in-game items from them, CosmoMasks will allow you to collect resources for a longer time where it would be extremely possible without them)

master new technologies

MetaCosmo is also a platform that is the skeleton of the entire metaverse, allowing developers, collectors, artists to create their own galleries and even entire worlds.




CVR is available on the Binance Smart Chain network (BEP20)

The emission of CVR is 105 million tokens and the sale is carried out in 10 stages:


- At each stage, 2/3 of the issue will be available for purchase.

- The launch of the next stage of the issue takes place 10 days after the closure of the previous stage of the issue.

- The increase in the purchase price of CVR at the new stage increases automatically and is spelled out in the smart contract algorithm.

- 1/3 of the issue will fall on the development team

- Upon completion of each stage, 10% of the proceeds will be placed in the CVR liquidity pool


giveaway 1000000CVR

In addition to buying a token, each participant can try their luck in the drawing of free CVR.

You will not only exaggerate the volume of the constantly rising token price, but also contribute to the growth of the community.

Details of the drawing